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Improve The Quality Of Calcium Formate

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Calcium formate manufacturer pointed out that calcium formate is used in various dry mortars, various concrete, wear-resistant materials, flooring industry, feed industry, and leather.

The main foreign producers of calcium formate are German Di Gaosha, which is used in chemical raw materials, cement additives, leather tanning, silage and piglet feed additives in Europe.

At present, the production of calcium formate mostly adopts the neutralization production process route, which has the disadvantages of high production cost and low efficiency. Domestic calcium formate is mainly used for feed and feed of piglets at 200 tons/year. The dosage of cement additives is in a period of rapid development. The demand for leather tanning is still in its infancy, and the sales volume is not very large.

In recent years, the consumption of calcium formate in China has been rising, and has reached 300,000 tons. With the development of animal husbandry in China and the high attention to environmental protection, formic acid has a broader application prospect in the fields of feed additives, tanning and printing and dyeing. On the other hand, calcium formate is one of the traditional export products of our country. In recent years, the export market of products has also a strong growth momentum. However, the existing production process and equipment level of calcium formate in China are still lagging behind, and it faces a severe test in the competition. Therefore, improving the domestic technical level of calcium formate production, expanding the production capacity of the equipment, reducing the energy consumption of materials consumption, and improving product quality will be the top priority of the industry.

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