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Type And Performance Of Snow Melting Agent

- Nov 22, 2018 -

At present, there are many kinds of snow melting agents developed in China, which are divided into solid and liquid according to the state of matter; the composition is divided into inorganic matter and inorganic matter and organic matter, and the mixture of inorganic matter and organic matter is the most, among which environmentally friendly snow melting agent It is mostly a mixture of chemicals such as MgCl2- which does not contain or contain less chlorine. It can also be classified according to different uses. It is generally used for low quality of urban roads. It is used for high quality in bridges and airports, but its quality is high. Must meet the standards. In addition to the technical key, environmentally friendly snow melting agents are also confidential, and additives (solvents, etc.) are also kept confidential.

At present, the production and sales data of domestic snow melting agents rely on the rough calculation of the production of calcium chloride. The annual production of domestic snow melting agent is about 1 million tons, and the export volume accounts for 1/3. There are two main types of snow melting agents, organic snow melting agents and chloride salt melting agents. Organic snow melting agent has no corrosive effect on the infrastructure. Because the price is too high, it is only applied in small places such as airports and golf courses. In the cities and highways, the snow melting agent is widely used.

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