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Introduction Of Sodium Formate And Its Use

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Sodium formate (Formic acid sodium salt), also known as sodium formate, contains two crystal waters in the crystal, so it is also known as sodium dihydrate, sodium formate dihydrate, sodium succinate (Sodiumformatehydrate). Sodium formate is one of the simplest organic carboxylates, white crystals or powders with a slight formic acid odor. Slightly deliquescent and hygroscopic. Soluble in about 1.3 parts of water and glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, octanol, insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution is alkaline. Sodium formate decomposes into hydrogen and sodium oxalate when heated, followed by sodium carbonate. Sodium formate is mainly used for the production of insurance powder, oxalic acid and formic acid. Used in the leather industry as a camouflage acid in the chrome leather process, as a catalyst and a stable synthetic agent, as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry. Sodium formate is harmless to the human body and has a stimulating effect on the eyes, respiratory system and skin.

Used in the leather industry, the main uses are as follows:

(1) It is mainly used for the production of formic acid, oxalic acid and insurance powder, and also for the production of dimethylformamide. Also used in the pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industry;

(2) used as a reagent for measuring phosphorus arsenic, a disinfectant and a mordant;

(3) Used as a preservative. Use 4: for alkyd resin coating, plasticizer, strong;

(4) Used as explosives, acid-resistant materials, aviation lubricants, and binder additives.

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